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Support for transition to Primary school

Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Moving from Primary to Secondary school is a key time in a child’s education. Royal
Greenwich provides a range of information and support to help this process. You can find information on the Royal Greenwich website, in libraries and through the Family
Information Service.
Applications When moving between primary and secondary the process is different, depending on whether your child has a statement of SEN/EHC Plan or not.

  • If your child has a statement of SEN or an EHC Plan the process will start in your year 5 Annual Review.
  • If your child does not have a statement of SEN you will need to fill out a Common

Application Form before the 31st October when your child is in year 6.

Detailed information is available in the Transport Policy document, and parents are able to fill out a travel assistance form. However, transport is only normally offered in exceptional circumstances.

Further information on transport is available here

Transition events
We plan 2 events each year aimed at supporting vulnerable students to have a successful transition to secondary school. Secondary and primary SENCo’s are invited and the events will be in the first half of the summer term. These events have a focus on children without a statement of SEN/ECH Plan, as these children won’t have had an annual review.

Events include

  • A full day event for “vulnerable” children transferring to secondary school
  • A half day event covering the same issues, but specifically for students with ASD.

Transferring between or into specialist provisions

All schools have information in their Local Offer/SEND Information reports outlining the
specific processes for transition in and out of their schools, including secondary transfer.
You can find links to all schools Local Offer information on this link.Transferring Information Royal Greenwich and schools have created an information sharing template that should support with the successful transfer of information between primary and secondary schools.
If your child has ASD when they transfer their communication profile/passport will be
circulated to all the adults that will be supporting your child in their new school. This will be developed with you, your child and their primary school.
Special schools and DSP’s have their own school specific systems to do this.

Transition Projects in Greenwich
A number of services run projects to help your child have a smooth transition into
secondary education. Please see below a list of these services and contact details for further information.