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Transition support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Preparations for transition to secondary school begins in year 5 for children with an ASD and continues through to year 7.


The support is provided by Wendy Jones, ASD Outreach Transition Coordinator.

During year 5 transition needs are identified and targets set to prepare the child for secondary school. Children are supported on a Review on Request basis; however, some

1-1 work may be necessary if children are identified with a high level of need.  Parents are contacted in the summer holidays prior to their child starting in year 5 and again in the spring term, where they are invited to a meeting to inform them of the preparations in place to support their child through transition.


During year 6 liaison between primary and secondary schools is facilitated to ensure a complete handover of information for each child. Contact with secondary SENCo’s ensures that familiarisation opportunities are put in place for the children to see their new environment during the summer term of year 6.  Transition resources are provided for the child to use in school along with a questionnaire to determine any anxiety that may be present. Should this be the case, further support is given to address the worry and further resources recommended.


During year 7 Contact with secondary SENCo’s takes place in the first few weeks of term to find out how the child has settled. Liaison with the Outreach Secondary Team ensures a thorough handover of children to their care. 


The ASD Outreach Coordinator works with other professionals, such as SEN Officers, Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and the CAMHs service to ensure a thorough exchange of information and a multi-disciplinary approach.






Videos to support transition:


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