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VI Information and Resources

VI Information and Resources 


Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) home page 


Guide Dogs Help for Children and families (they do a lot more than the support with dogs)

RSBC Royal Society for Blind Children (in the top line of their homepage look for the buttons that say ‘for young people’ and ‘for families’. RSBC provide lots of events and support for children and families living with vision impairment. 


Metro Blind Sport …a comprehensive website with information about sports activities for blind and vision impaired children and adults across the London region


British Blind Sport a national organisation supporting VI children and adults in UK sports


Blind in Business a UK charity that helps VI young people and adults into the world of work 


Thomas Pocklington Trust a UK based charity who focus on Education, Employment and Engagement, they support blind and partially sighted people to live the life they want to lead and they are committed to working with partners and developing and implementing activities and services which meet these needs to increase independence and improve lives.


VIEW The professional association for the vision impairment education workforce in the UK, with a particular focus on bringing together qualified teachers of the vision impaired and habilitation specialists 


Habilitation VI UK the professional body for Habilitation Specialists in the UK, providing leadership and setting professional standards


 Clearvision is a lending library for Braille, large-print, and tactile book resources