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Oxleas Integrated Therapies

The Greenwich Children’s Integrated Therapies Service provides Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapy to children and young people within Greenwich. The Service operates within the following 3 integrated service areas:

1. Early Years Team which offers easy access to initial assessment via weekly assessment clinics, and a range of needs-led, one-to-one and group interventions. Parent training sessions are provided, along with nursery and/or home visits as required.

2. School Years Team which provides assessment and intervention for CYP aged 5-19 who attend mainstream schools and aged 5-25 with an EHCP. Speech and Language Therapy is usually provided in the CYP’s school while Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy sessions generally take place in clinic. A range of interventions are available, based on client need, including 1:1 and group sessions. Intervention can be carried out by a therapist, technician or assistant but a consultative model is also used to empower school staff and parents to embed therapeutic strategies into the CYP’s everyday life. Staff training is highly promoted and provided wherever appropriate. Services are also provided to ASD Outreach and the Youth Offending Service (YOS).

3. Special Schools Team which provides assessment and intervention for children and Young People who have profound and complex needs and attend a Greenwich Special School. Most support takes place in schools although home visits are provided when required.

Stand-alone support services that sit across the service areas are:

The MOVE team– a designated Physiotherapy team who supports the needs of CYP in education who are not meeting their expected developmental milestones and require outreach support within their setting. They work with the school teams to facilitate integration of movement opportunity into a child’s daily routine.

Rapid response team– a designated Physiotherapy team that delivers urgent support to babies born with congenital conditions. It also supports complex hospital discharges.

Dysphagia and Complex Needs (DCN)– a designated Speech and Language Therapy team who primarily support the eating and drinking skills of babies and young children with complex needs. Children with complex needs who attend mainstream schools are also supported by this team if they have difficulties with eating and drinking.

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