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ASD and Managing Interviews

Managing Interviews


Job interviews can be stressful for everyone but even more so for people wilt ASD who can find social interactions both stressful and confusing. A large group of people with ASD are unemployment due to challenges presented by applying for a job, the interview process, or the employment itself. This is a brief document to signpost people with ASD to sites where they can get help and support through this difficult process.

National Autistic Society - Seeking work – a guide for autistic people

In this guide you will find information and advice about looking for or applying for a job. We will also look at whether or not you should disclose your autism diagnosis to a potential employer and local support that we offer. 

NAS Website - Seeking work

Support to Work: employment support programme

Support to Work is a free online and telephone support programme for disabled people in England and Wales, who are looking for paid work. This is not a face-to-face service, so may not be right for everyone. 

Scope website - Support to work

Job Interview Tips

One thing that everyone, including people with Asperger's or on the Autism Spectrum, often dreads is the job interview. So much of your life, of your future, is riding on that one little half hour or hour of your life. How can you not feel stressed out by it? Not to worry though, because everyone feels nervous about job interviews. Adults with Asperger's have a few extra challenges, but there are ways to overcome these issues

NAS - Free online Finding Employment module 

There is an undiscovered workforce of motivated autistic people who are having serious difficulty finding work. The NAS employment module has been designed to support autistic adults and young people into employment. It looks at the steps involved in applying for work, interviewing tips and starting work. The NAS aims to allow users to create a personalised profile, which they can then use when attending interviews or starting work.

For support and advice on career planning, job searching, the application process and reasonable adjustments, you can access our free online Finding Employment module 

Top Autism Tips

Some tips on reasonable adjustment for employers

Employment: reasonable adjustments for employers (


Job interviews are stressful for everyone, but for people on the autism spectrum interviewing for job presents a number of challenges neurotypical people don't always have to face. Now thanks to a new video from the National Autistic Society those who aren't on the spectrum can see the interview process in a different light.

View Here - Job Interview Video – NAS

Local career service

You can also find help looking for a job at your local services.

The National Careers Service can give you advice on choosing or changing yourcareer, offers skills tests and provides personalised help from careers advisers. 

Links to further help and support  from NAS website