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Dementia Inclusive Businesses, Organisations, Services and Charities

These are a few of the many businesses, organisations, and charities which have been awarded. To see all, please click on the  Dementia Inclusive Businesses and Organisations - Awarded tab below

Dementia Inclusive Greenwich is expanding  - why not join? 

Join the growing number of businesses and organisations making Greenwich a dementia inclusive borough to live, learn, work and visit.


  • Free Dementia awareness training
  • Free advice on how to make your business more dementia inclusive
  • Get local and international recognition - receive the window sticker
  • Free Membership to Dementia Inclusive Network Group (DING)

To join or for more info contact 

Dementia Inclusive Businesses and Organisations - Awarded


Page & Small Opticians SE7  

Awarded May 2018

Grant Saw Solicitors

Awarded May 2020 Greenwich Office

Awarded 2018 Blackheath Office

St James Pharmacy  Woolwich

Awarded May 2018 

Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park

Awarded May 2018

artFix – life as art - Cafe in Woolwich 

Awarded May 2018 

artFix - life as art - Cafe in Greenwich

Awarded May 2020

The Woolwich Centre Library 

Awarded May 2018 

Greenwich Carers Centre 

Awarded May 2019

ASDA Charlton

Awarded May 2019

Reflection Friendship Group -

For people with dementia & those who support them. 

Awarded November 2018

National Maritime Museum  Greenwich

Awarded May 2019

Shrewsbury House Community Centre Shooters Hill

Awarded June 2019

Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice 

Awarded May 2019

Royal Greenwich Trading Standards 

Awarded September 2019

Cutty Sark - Greenwich

Awarded May 2020

Clockhouse Community Centre Woolwich

Awarded May 2020

Greenwich Memory Services

Awarded May 2020

Gurdwara Sahib Woolwich

Awarded May 2020

Irish Community Services

Awarded May 2020

GWest Community Centre Greenwich

Awarded May 2020

BLG Mind (Greenwich branch)

Awarded November 2020

Housing Departments RBG

Awarded March 2021

Eltham Library 

Awarded March 2022

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Awarded March 2022

Queen's House part of Royal Museums Greenwich

Awarded March 2022

Greenwich Picturehouse

Awarded May 2023

Dragonfly Lifestyle boutique

Awarded May 2023

Greenwich Volcare carers support and respite

Awarded May 2023 

Made in Greenwich GCDA

Awarded May 2023

Woolwich Common Community Centre GCDA

Awarded May 2023

Woolwich Frontroom GCDA -

Awarded May 2023

The Galley Cafe Bar

Awarded May 2023

Dementia Inclusive Businesses and Organisations - Working Towards

How to become part of this initiative?

We can work with you to build on your existing good customer care practices to adapt your services/environments to be more dementia inclusive. For more info contact:

Angelika Welzel-Connolly - Dementia Action Coordinator

Telephone: 0208 921 8533


Why should I be part of this movement?

  • Attract more customers and increase customer and staff satisfaction
  • Have a business that is an understanding place for people with dementia
  • Receive free Dementia Awareness training for staff
  • Get Borough wide and national dementia inclusive environment recognition
  • Receive a window sticker to indicate service is Dementia Aware

What is a dementia inclusive environment?

A dementia inclusive environment is not only the built, physical environment but also the social environment. All three are equally vital to the wellbeing of the person living with dementia and their carer.

The built/physical environments include outside and inside spaces such as cafes, gardens, waiting rooms, public areas. An inclusive environment can be achieved by increasing the level of natural light, colour contrast interior design, good clear signage, and easy physical access.

The social environment are spaces for interaction, for example, providing enough comfortable spaces for both relatives and the person with dementia to interact, having a quiet area if people find it difficult to deal with a lot of noise and staff being patient and talking clearly can all contribute to living better with dementia.

To learn more about good dementia design click on the following link to The Dementia Centre.

Why do we need a dementia inclusive environment?

Our ageing population is growing so is the need for physical and social adaptations and services. We might find it difficult to act quickly or make a decision; therefore more relaxed cash register lanes and patient staff could make a significant difference to a person living with dementia and their carers’ life. A dementia inclusive environment is inclusive for all.