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Early Years SEND - Interventions and strategies

To fulfil their role in identifying and planning for the needs of children with SEN, the Royal Borough of Greenwich has ensured that there is sufficient expertise and experience amongst local early years settings to support children with SEN by making use of Area SENCOs to provide advice, guidance and training to early years providers on the development of inclusive early learning environments.

The Area SENCO helps make the links between education, health and social care to facilitate appropriate early provision for children with SEN and their transition to compulsory schooling.

Area SENCo’s from the Early Years Inclusion Team have compiled a range of practical support materials in the drop downs below to support parents and practitioners in adapting activities for children at different developmental stages and children with additional needs to make progress


'WORD' templates can be found under 'downloads'.

Intervention advice sheets (with video link)

There's so much you can do at home that be of benefit to children. From 'Small Talk' games to sensory activities, we've got all sorts of ideas to keep your young child entertained....

Calming strategies

Intensive Interaction

Making choices

Now & Next boards

Sensory Circuit

Talking Mats

Turn taking

Developing social interaction skills

Visual Support

What is an ABC obversation?

Interactive music making (6 video sessions)

Speech & Language Intervention Sessions