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How can I stay healthy?

As you get older it is important to stay fit and look after yourself. In Greenwich there are a number of groups and services who support young people with their healthcare needs. This includes help and support from your local GP surgery, health centres. 

Annual Health Checks

If you have a learning disability, poor mental health or physical health your GP will ask to see you once a year. The Annual Health Check scheme is for adults and young people aged 14 or above with learning disabilities that need more health support and may otherwise have health conditions that go undetected.

What happens at Annual Health Check?

The Annual Health Check lets the person with learning disabilities go to their GP practice and have aspects of their health checked. It also allows them to talk about anything that's worrying them.

For more information about Annual Health Checks please click here.

GP Learning register

The Learning Disability Register is a record of people with a learning disability who are registered with each GP practice.

Over one million people in the UK have a learning disability but only 200,000 are on their GP’s Learning Disability Register.

People with a learning disability often have difficulties accessing health services and face inequalities in the service they receive. The Government is asking parents and carers to speak to their GP and ensure their sons/daughters or the people for whom they care are registered. It is hoped that this drive will ensure better and more person centred health care for people with learning disabilities.


Transitions regarding autistic individuals, there are many transitions throughout anyone’s life this could be: school, college or work change is difficult for anyone and for autistic individuals it could be even harder.

The transitions advice and strategies can help in the following areas:

  • Starting or switching school
  • Leaving school
  • Starting college or University
  • Leaving college or University

More information about transitions for autistic individuals can be found here.

Special School Nursing in Greenwich

Special school nurses provide holistic and focussed nursing care for children and young people, many with complex health needs, in their school.

Special school nurses are based in the following schools.

  • Willow Dene School
  • Charlton School 

Specialist sexual health services for people with disabilities