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What will happen after the PCNA has been completed?

Once the assessment has been completed, services may be identified to support you to better manage your caring responsibilities and /or manage issues which are important to you. For example, you could be signposted to services in the community, these could include:

  • Benefits advice
  • Local support groups
  • Services available in the Family Adolescent Support Service/Children’s Social Car
  • Relevant health services
  • Universal, Targeted or Specialist short breaks
  • Family support including support around routines, behaviour, etc.
  • Signposting to services in the local community such as, counselling, play schemes or leisure activities

These might be arranged through your child’s support plan (if you are already working with Children’s Services) and can be reviewed and updated if your child/ren’s needs, your family circumstances or your caring responsibilities change.

Where a specific service is recommended for you as a result of your assessment, this may require a funding agreement. This agreement may be given by the Social Work Team. Any specialist provision recommended for your child would require the relevant assessment of your child and would to be presented to the Short Breaks Panel.