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Health Services

What health services are available in Royal Greenwich?

Some children will need to see one health professional only such as a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist or physiotherapist through hospitals, children's centres and schools. Our health professionals work closely together with you to ensure that joint assessments are carried out when your child needs to see more than one health professional.

We have a number of specialist services that support children’s centres, nurseries and schools to meet the health needs of children with special educational needs and disability:

Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) – helps newborn babies with disabilities

Health visiting - universal services that support all children under school age

Community children’s nursing service– supports children in schools and at home with complex medical needs

School nursing service - School based nurses who support children in schools

Community nutrition and dietetics service - helps children who have problems with food.

Community Paediatricians – specialist children’s doctors

Speech and language therapy service – helps children learn to speak and understand

Children’s 2nd tier audiology (hearing) service - is a service that assesses and treats children and young people's hearing

Occupational therapy service – helps children with disabilities in managing all the tasks of everyday life – eating, dressing, self-care

Community equipment service for children with disabilities – provides equipment that children may need to help improve of maintain their health and independence

Children’s physiotherapy – works with the child or young person to improve movement and normal body function

Greenwich child and adolescent mental health service – helps children and young people who have problems with for example, behaviour or self-esteem or depression

Continence - Bladder and Bowel Service - help for disabled children and young people to help manage their continence.