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What is a Parent Carer’s Needs Assessment?

The aim of a parent carer’s needs assessment (PCNA) is to give parents/carers of under 18 year olds a chance to tell the Royal Borough of Greenwich about the things that could make looking after their disabled child easier. If the child is aged 16 or over at the time of the assessment, the carers assessment can take place alongside the child’s Moving to Adulthood planning.

The assessment will consider any worries or challenges that you may face as a carer and the worker will ensure that your views are listened to, taking account of any religious and/or cultural views. In order to ensure a holistic approach to the assessment, with your consent, we may ask to speak to the child you care for, other people in your family and the services supporting you and your family. You have a right to decline this contact. The person undertaking the assessment will speak to you about how the information you feel comfortable sharing can be best obtained, and how this will affect the assessment overall.

It will look at options for support, advice, and assistance across all services in the council and beyond including universal services such as benefits advice, community support groups and on-line resources.