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Please see below a list of all current and closed Royal Greenwich consultations within Children Services for you to keep up to date with.

Documents and Downloads are available to the right of the screen.

OPEN: Proposals to change the way Education, Health & Care Plans (EHC Plans) are funded.

Dear Parent/Carer

Royal Borough of Greenwich would like your views on proposals to change the way we currently fund EHC Plans.

A letter with all proposed changes as well as the proposed banding breakdown can be found to the right of the screen as a downloadable document.

We aim to for the new funding arrangements for children with an EHC Plan to be published on the Local Offer Website on 31/06/2020, and will come into effect on 01/09/2020

Once you have read the proposed changes (to the right of the screen), you can let us know your views and comments via the online survey, in writing by post/ email or at one of our engagement events. 


  • You can complete the on-line survey HERE  by 27/3/2020
  • You can write to the Local Authority  by 27/3/2020

Nicole Allwood

Participation and Projects Officer: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

1st Floor

The Woolwich Centre

35 Wellington Street

SE18 6HQ

  • You can email the SEN department via the department in box by 27/3/2020


  • You can attend a parent meeting, on any of the days/times below:






Monday 27th January 2020



12:00 - 13:30



1 Waterdale Road



Wednesday 29th January 2020



18:00 – 19:30



The Gallery

The Woolwich Centre

35 Wellington Street

SE18 6HQ



Monday 3rd February 2020



18:00 – 19:30



The Gallery

The Woolwich Centre

35 Wellington Street

SE18 6HQ



Friday 7th February 2020



10:00 – 11:30




1 Waterdale Road




Consultation on proposals for Special Educational Needs funding Document avalible to the right of the screen


Open: Short Breaks 2019 Feedback - Closed

Royal Borough of Greenwich are inviting parents/ carers of children and young people with a special educational need and/or disabilities (SEND) to come and have a conversation with us about our Short Breaks offer from 2021.

Workshops will be hosted by Local Authority representatives; as such families with young people up to 25 years old are invited to attend

We believe that our current Short Breaks Provision meets the needs of a wide range of children and young people, enabling us to support more children and young people than in previous years.

We aim to build on what is currently available and make sure that we continue to grow and develop the offer making it responsive to the needs of children and young people with SEND and their families.

Click HERE to find out more 

Special Provision Capital Fund grant 2019/20 : Consultation outcomes and Plan - Closed

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has consulted with a range of stakeholders around proposals for the future of special educational provision in the Borough. The documents are listed below and can be accessed at the right side of this page. The updated plan for 2019/20 is now also attached, and a more reader friendly document, showing what we have done this year, and our plans for the next year, with pictures of the developments we have been able to make in 2018/19:

  1. Grant funding for the Special Provision Capital Fund: Royal Borough of Greenwich plans: 2018/19 and 2019/20
  2. Parent friendly version with a summary of developments in 2018/19 and our future plans
  3. Summary of consultation events
  4. Outcomes of the parent consultation
  5. Outcomes of the professionals consultation

Royal Borough of Greenwich home to school travel - Closed

Royal Borough of Greenwich is revising the home to school travel assistance policy. In preparing the revised policy and practice – we have taken note of the DfE statutory Guidance (2014), Local Government Ombudsman’s reports, complaint and appeals, legislation, and the SEND Code of Practice 2015.

There are few changes to the actual policy but we are also clarifying how we make decisions about agreeing to providing assistance and when and how we will provide it.


Home to school Travel Assistance Policy consultation March 2019   - response from Royal Greenwich

We have reviewed all comments and concerns about the proposed implementation of the travel assistance policy and recognize it has raised anxiety amongst some parents.

We want to reassure parents that for those whose children or young people we consider to have the most complex needs, there is unlikely to be any change. Changes for others will be brought in gradually – starting with all new applications for travel assistance, and at each stage, parents likely to be affected will be invited to a meeting to discuss what it means for them and to address any concerns.

There is a report attached that sets out what we will do and when. Please see link to the right of the screen.

Early Years SEN Inclusion Funding Consultation- Closed

The current early years funding system, which has been in place for some time, is out of date and despite changes in other areas of Early Years SEND funding has not been reviewed.

It is therefore vital that we review this to ensure it is fit for purpose and aligned with changes within both the national and local context and responds to the needs of children and families in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

As part of this consultation we would like your feedback to shape the final plan.

Royal Borough of Greenwich SEND Strategy – Closed

The RBG Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Strategy outlines the values, principles and key priorities that will guide the Royal Borough of Greenwich and partners in its decision-making process over the next three years in supporting children and young people from 0-25 with special educational needs and/or disabilities and their carers. 

To ensure we have got it right, we would like to hear your views on the key priorities outlined within the strategy. Your feedback will help us to ensure that our priorities are responsive to the needs of children and young people with a SEND and their families within RBG. 

This consultation is now closed. To see the final version of the SEND Strategy pls click here

PA Service – closed

Children services recognises the need to have more availability of personal assistants to support children and young people with a SEND. As part of the engagement process we are interested in listening to your views about what you require from a PA finder service.

The information that you provide us with will help to shape the service specification document in order for us to commission a provider.

Short Breaks Strategy – closed

The Royal Borough of Greenwich will be commissioning our new short break provision for children aged 0-17 to start from April 1st, 2019.

As part of the commissioning process we are consulting with parents/ carers and children /young people.

Feedback has informed our commissioning arrangements going forward. We have collated parent, carer and child preferences and added this information to our service specification documents for providers.

Royal Borough of Greenwich Summer Scheme 2018 - closed

As part of our commissioning process for summer 2019 Royal Borough of Greenwich would like to gain your feedback on the summer scheme that your child/ young person took part in this year. 

All information given is confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of improving access and quality of the forthcoming summer schemes.