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Transition to adult services

Transition services

Support for young people with a disability or long-term health needs usually transfers from children's services to adult services when a young person reaches 18. Transition is the name used for this process and can be applied particularly to social care but also health services.

How transition works

As a young person approaches adulthood, children services will consider whether the young person will require support once they become 18. Information about the young person will be shared with adult services and, the Transition Team. The young person and their carers will receive support and possibly an assessment to assist in developing transition plans.

The Transition Team will assess to determine whether the young person will be eligible to receive social care support from adult services. If the young person is not eligible, the team will advise of other local services and agencies that may be able to assist.

The Transition which is a joint Health and Social care team consists of a Team Coordinator, two social workers and an Assessment Officer, an Occupational Therapist, and Speech and Language therapist and Learning Disability Nurse.

Transition planning is for the young person and should be about the things that are important to them. The young person must have every opportunity to communicate their needs.

Education, Health and Care Plans identify the aspirations and wishes of young people with special education needs, and their families. These are crucial to ensure there is a clear plan towards achieving outcomes for the young person.

Young people and their carers should be aware of the transition process throughout their involvement with special education or social care.

However, if you are concerned that you have not received this information, please contact the Community Learning Disability Team in which the team sits on 020 8921 4860.

Respite opportunities for young adults particularly those still in Education

Respite Opportunity for young adults is one of several service offers aimed at providing young adults with opportunities for social inclusion, relationship building and skills building on their journey to developing greater independence.

The Adult teams have a duty to promote the young adult’s wellbeing in a number of ways. How this happens will depend on the young adult’s circumstances, including the young person’s strengths, needs, goals and wishes, and in consideration of how these impact on their wellbeing. We will consider each case on its own merits and will factor in what outcomes the young adult wants to achieve, and how the support provided will enable them to achieve their personal aspirations. This will encompass using the young adults’ immediate network, local and community resources in achieving their desired outcomes and aspirations.