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miEnterprise Development Programme

miEnterprise supports people with learning disabilities and mental ill health to set up their own micro-enterprise. It is a social enterprise that operates as a mutual marketing co-operative and is part of the national Getting a Life & Jobs First programmes. Micro enterprises allow people who may struggle to find a job the chance to work for themselves; earning money and gaining independence, self-esteem and a sense of contributing to their community.

The first miEnterprise is in Herefordshire but miEnterprises are now being set up across the country, linked together through the internet all members can work together. Members of miEnterprise co-operatives run their own businesses but they can access support with trading, marketing and finding opportunities. The miEnterprise Development Programme offers the tools and resources that can help people to plan, set up, run and develop their own business. These tools support entrepreneurs with setting up their own business; with information on Benefits and Tax Credit entitlements and opportunities for supported employment as well as guidance on managing risks, developing ideas; health and safety and employment regulations and managing business finance.

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