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Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Outreach Service

Supporting families with a child with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The ASD Outreach Service supports both mainstream schools and families to make sure that they are able to meet the needs of children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs). The team offer various training packages to parents and to professionals to support children with ASDs. These include online training courses, training sessions, advice and referrals, and a structured support programme for transitions. The service can support schools in creating Personal Learning Plans to match individual children’s learning needs. This may involve arranging support from a specialist teacher, Occupational Therapist, or Speech and Language Therapist. The team can provide specialist practical resources such as visual timetables and work stations. They can also offer a range of courses for parents on topics relating to ASDs, including online courses.

ASD Outreach also  organise regular parent courses including Early Bird (0-8) and Cygnet (8+).

Who to contact

Contact Name
Roz Weeks
Contact Position
ASD Outreach Service Manager

Where to go

Kings Park Campus
Newhaven School - Kings Park Campus
Eltham Palace Road

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Age Ranges
2-19 years old
Referral required
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Your child can receive support from the ASD Outreach Service if they have a confirmed diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder, are over 3 years of age and attend:
• An early years/nursery setting.
• A Greenwich LA mainstream primary school.
• A Greenwich LA mainstream secondary school.

Children attending specialist ASD provision (in a special school or DSP), will already be supported by specialist ASD teachers/staff in school, so will not need this type of support in school. If your family live in Greenwich but your child attends a private school, non LA funded school, or a school outside of the borough, you can access the ASD Outreach Service's parent support groups/training but not the service for your child in school. There are ASD Outreach services available in the other local boroughs, and information on how to access this support can be provided by the Royal Greenwich ASD Outreach team.


You can refer your child to the service directly as a parent, through contacting the Service as above, through your child’s school, or through another professional working with your child. Schools can also refer your child to us with your permission.

Other notes

How to Complain:

If you need to complain or discuss the service your child is receiving from the ASD Outreach Team, you can do this via the Head of the Service, or through the Royal Borough of Greenwich complaints department.

Local Offer


Targeted Services:

Learning/curriculum support:

The ASD Outreach Service can:

- Provide direct support/training for school/nursery staff to plan the classroom and social environment (playground, lunchtime etc..) in order to be sure the needs of your child are planned for in all settings.

- Support school staff in writing Personal Learning Plans and setting objectives to ensure that learning opportunities are suitably matched to your child’s learning and needs. We will help plan teaching programmes with school staff to support your child. This could involve arranging support from a specialist teacher, a Speech and Language Therapist or an Occupational Therapist in the Team as well as our ASD Outreach Workers.

- Organise support for your child’s move into secondary school and ensure that information/strategies developed to support your child are shared between the primary and the secondary school.

- Support your child with other transitions, such as going to primary school, a sixth form college, or preparing for adult life.

- Show staff how to use specialist approaches (such as a Picture Exchange Communication System or the use of social stories) used to support your child.

• The ASD Outreach Service’s input will vary from weekly input to termly advice, depending on the need of your child at the time.

• The support may also be used to put in place group input, such as through organising support to develop friendship skills.

Access and inclusion resources:

Provision of specialist practical resources such as visual timetables, symbols, social stories, work stations, Picture Exchange Communication System symbols etc.

School based training:

ASD Outreach can:

- Provide whole school training to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorder within your child’s school and to ensure that all staff have an understanding of the strategies appropriate for students with an ASD.

- Provide targeted training for those staff directly supporting your child. This could involve:
• A distance supported online training programme.
• A more in depth course held over five mornings and supported by practical course work.
• A specific session on a strategy such as using visual support.

Support for families:

The ASD Outreach Service will:

- Invite you to a ‘signposting’ session immediately after diagnosis. This session is to explain to you what local support services are available, and to direct you to other agencies as appropriate. You should have received details about this when you got your diagnosis with the paediatrician.

- Organise a range of courses about ASD to help you to meet the needs of your child at home. These courses include Early Bird (designed by the National Autistic Society) and Cygnet (designed by Barnardo’s), as well as courses to support you with specific issues such as discussing the ASD diagnosis with your child or how to manage eating and drinking difficulties. If we do not have a course for an issue you are struggling to manage, let us know and we may be able to set this up for you.

-On line course for families preferring to access training this way.

Specialist Support:

The specialist support available from the ASD Outreach Service is identical to that set out in the Targeted Services section. All input is available to your child, if needed; regardless of whether he/she has it specified in a Statement of Special Educational Need or EHC (Education. Health, Social Care Plan).

Contact Name
Roz Weeks
Contact Telephone
020 8921 3311
Contact Email
Local Offer Age Bands
Pre-Birth - 5 years
5-11 years
11-16 years
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