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Sir William Boreman’s Foundation


The Charity originates from the Will of Sir William Boreman, dated 1684.  He bequeathed to The Drapers’ Company a school he had founded in Greenwich, together with adjacent land and property, and other property interests on trust for the endowment of the school.  The original school no longer exists and the endowment is now applied to reflect the changed circumstances. 

Objectives and activities

The objects of the Charity are to apply the net income:

  • in awarding to beneficiaries scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, maintenance allowances or grants tenable at any school, university, college of education, or other institution of further (including professional and technical) education or other educational establishments and in either case approved for the purpose by the Trustee;  
  • in providing financial assistance, outfits, clothing, tools, instruments or books to enable beneficiaries whilst at or on leaving school, university or other educational establishment to prepare for or assist their entry into a profession, trade, occupation or service;
  • in otherwise promoting the education (including social and physical training) of beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries are people aged under twenty-five years who, in the opinion of the Trustee, are in need of financial assistance and who are resident in the London Boroughs of Greenwich or Lewisham. The charity aims to promote the education of young people under the age of 25 living in Greenwich or Lewisham, by the award of grants to institutions and individuals, particularly those from low income or otherwise disadvantaged backgrounds. To enable effective and efficient grant-making in support of education a Committee of ten Governors, with five members from The Drapers’ Company, four local people with relevant expertise and experience, and a local ex-officio member meets three times a year to review and assess grant applications. Each year the charity awards grants totalling some £90,000 in support of education in Greenwich and Lewisham.



The Foundation's grants to individuals provide financial assistance to young people who are ordinarily resident in Greenwich and Lewisham, are full or part-time students, aged below 25 and from low-income backgrounds.
Grants are awarded to primary or secondary school children through block grants administered on behalf of the Foundation by the relevant  Attendance & Welfare Department at Greenwich and Lewisham Councils; and to students seeking financial support for courses of further education, higher education and postgraduate studies where hardship funding is available by direct application to the Foundation.

Can you apply?

The basic eligibility criteria which all individual applicants must meet are:

  • Permanent resident in Greenwich or Lewisham
  • Aged below 25
  • A UK national or have settled status
  • Household gross income of £30,000 per annum or less

What the Foundation funds

The Foundation awards grants to cover living expenses in order to allow individuals to continue their education or training. These include:-

Daily living costs e.g. rent, food etc

  • Travel costs to and from College or University
  • Educational materials and equipment, books
  • Childcare costs
  • For under 16's - uniform/sports kit/travel to school/educational excursions

How to apply

Click here for details of how to apply to Sir William Boreman's Foundation
The Foundation supports registered charities and educational establishments who deliver educational initiatives and projects aimed at young people aged below 25 from Greenwich or Lewisham.

Grant making policy

• Projects should demonstrate clear educational benefits to young people
• Where possible, grants should focus on improving student inclusiveness

How to Apply 

Please click here for details of how to apply to Sir William Boreman's Foundation

Who to contact

Sir William Boreman Trust website

This grant awarding body was set up by our Federation (SIGBI) in 1975. Its purpose is to provide grants to assist women to update their skills after employment breaks or to acquire new skills to improve their opportunities for employment and promotion. Awards are made to help towards the cost of course fees or books/equipment, not for living expenses.

The grants that are awarded included courses as diverse as helicopter engineering, teacher training, an MA in play therapy, a BSc in midwifery, a conversion course for  an overseas qualified pharmacist and a diploma in sign language interpreting.

How to apply

To be eligible for a grant you do not have to be a Soroptimist (most of our applicants are not) but you must be female and permanently resident within one of the countries of our Federation.

Other Details


Age Ranges
Under 25's only
Referral required
Referral Details

Grants are awarded to promote the education of young people under the age of 25 who live in Greenwich and Lewisham, particularly those from a low-income or otherwise disadvantaged background. Grants are awarded to both individuals and organisations.The following is a brief guide to Sir William Boreman’s Foundation grants. If you are thinking about applying for a grant, we  recommend you first read our guidelines in full to find out if you might be eligible.


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