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Opportunity Access

Raise Your Game Programme

Teaches work place etiquette, in work conduct and job search skills.  

Empowers young people with employability awareness to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world of work

Supports young people with developing a range of skills, tools, resources and information to get into employment

Equips and enables young offenders with the skills, behaviours and resources they need to gain and retain employment

Provides young adults with the skills and tools they need to access employment

Develops students skills, techniques and information to support them with confidently enter the work force

Supports employers with developing and training entry-level staff

Who to contact


Opportunity Access website

Other Details


Age Ranges
12+ years
Referral required
Referral Details


Age 12-16

Age 16-24

Young Offenders Age 16-24

Young Adults Age 25-30

College / University Students

Employer Support


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