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Battersea - FREE Pet Ready Training Programme

Battersea are offering tenants the opportunity to gain vital skills to help them to provide the best home environment for their pets.

We have already achieved great success with our courses - raising awareness of what it means to be a responsible owner, and equipping owners with the knowledge and skills to support their pets’ health, welfare and training.

Our workshops are designed for tenants applying to have a pet, as well as support existing tenants who have pets.

Available Sessions & Services:

Be Dog Ready (2x 2hour sessions)

This workshop aims to prepare tenants for owning a dog, or supports existing owners, which includes: where best to get a dog, a dog’s welfare needs, dog law and owner responsibilities, and practical training skills.

Be Cat Ready (1x 2hour session)

This workshop aims to prepare tenants for owning a cat, or supports existing owners, which includes: where best to get a cat, a cat’s welfare needs, owner responsibilities, and giving an insight into cat behaviour and how to alleviate any concerns.

Behavioural Support Course (1x 2hour session)

This course aims to provide additional advice and training for owners who are experiencing behavioural concerns with their pet. Owners may request this support, or it may be as a result of a complaint or concern raised by the local authority, housing association or other residents. This course is tailored to address the specific issues being expressed, helping the owner to manage and resolve those behaviours.

Dog Support Service

Our free helpline, gives owners access to bespoke behavioural and training advice to resolve any issues they are experiencing with their dog. Owners are referred to the service for a specific complaint, by their Housing Officer or Dog Warden.

If you would like any further information about any of these services, please contact:  

Who to contact

Contact Name
Community Engagement Team

Battersea believes more social housing tenants should enjoy the health and social benefits of pet ownership.

Workshops and courses will be available at a range of community centres to enable easy access for residents.

All services are provided for free.

Sessions will be provided at a range of times

***Look out for available sessions in 2019***

If you require specific behaviour and training advice for your pet, please request a referral from for us to best understand your pet's needs.

The Pet Ready Training Programme is available for all tenants in social housing.

The workshops have been tailored to accommodate all learning needs and ages and can be adapted for any additional needs if requested.