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Oxleas Children's Occupational Therapy Service

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Service provides specialist care to help children and young people who have difficulties or disabilities. Occupational Therapists can help children and young people carry out the daily activities they find difficult. Services include therapy programmes, physical health care and mental healthcare. It can provide support for children in transition, help families find community support groups that suit them, and offer assistance to any child who needs it.  The service also offers lots of help in school, providing specialist support and training.

For details of all the integrated under 5’s drop in sessions for Speech and language therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy please click here.

Timetable for the early years (under 5's) integrated therapy drop in clinics from January 2019.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Service Manager: Maria Tanner Contact: Vicky Lambert

Where to go

Children’s Therapy Department
Goldie Leigh
Lodge Hill
Abbey Wood

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Referral required
Referral Details


The Occupational Therapy Service is for Children and Young People with specific functional or movement skills needs who has a Greenwich GP and/or attends a Greenwich school. Your child can receive support if they are:

  • Aged 0-19 with a statement or Education, Health and Care Plan
  • Aged 19-25 in education with a statement or Education, Health and Care Plan
  • Children and young people with identified need but without a statement or Education, Health and Care Plan
  • This will include support for children on EOL pathways as part of palliative care plans


Referrals to Children’s Occupational Therapy can be made through any professional working with your child not only in health but also in education, social services, early years providers and the voluntary sector. If your child has previously been known to the occupational therapy service, then referrals from parents will be accepted.

Parents can access the OT advice email

Other notes


Local Offer


How to complain about anything related to the service you receive for your child?

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Service actively seeks your views and experience of the service. Any concerns should be raised with your child’s therapist or if this is not appropriate you should speak with the Head of Children’s Occupational Therapy.

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust has a formal complaints procedure and the Head of Children’s Occupational Therapy can guide you to either the Complaints Department or Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) as you wish.

Targeted Services:

Learning/curriculum support:

In Mainstream Schools:

Teachers and school staff have access to the OT advice email

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Service can:
• Provide direct support/training for school/nursery staff to plan the classroom and social environment (playground, lunchtime, etc) in order to be sure the needs of your child are planned for in all settings.
• Support your child’s move into secondary school and ensure that information/strategies developed to support your child are shared between the primary and the secondary school.
• Support your child with other transitions, such as going to primary school, a sixth form college, or preparing for adult life.
• Support the delivery of the MOVE (Movement Opportunities Via Education) programme for your child.
• Offer advice clinic appointments to children who have accessed the service previously or to children 12 years and over - educational staff are also able to access advice clinic appointments.
• Support schools with implementing handwriting programmes within the school environment.

In Special schools:

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Service can:
• Work in partnership with the schools to contribute to steering groups/school policy.
• Support ‘learning walks’ within special schools.
• Open liaison/advice sessions for class staff.
• Provide whole school training.
• Help with provision of resources.
• Provide specific occupational therapy input to school websites.
• Make classroom and environmental recommendations..

Access and inclusion resources:

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Service loans specific handwriting programmes to all mainstream schools as required.

Provision of specialist equipment to enable access and inclusion.

Within special schools the Children’s Occupational Therapy Service
contributes to:
• Displays/ newsletters etc
• Posters and information.

School based training:

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Service is now offering training for teachers and other school staff on a regular basis.

The service can provide targeted training for those staff directly involved in supporting your child.

In special schools, the service is involved with:
• Training (whole school and class based).
• INSET training.

Support for families:

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Service has an advice email which all families can access - The Children’s Occupational Therapy Service will:
• Be available for support to families Monday to Friday through contact means that
are appropriate for the family e.g. e-mail, telephone, language line etc.
• Signpost families to support groups and appropriate community based facilities.
• Signpost families to ‘shop bought’ everyday items that will be beneficial to your child’s overall development.

Therapeutic Approaches:

Therapeutic approaches used by the Children’s Occupational Therapy Service include:
• Clinic and School Assessment.
• Blocks of 1:1 intervention.
• Group intervention.
• Development of functional skills.
• Supporting the MOVE programme.
• Therapeutic Handling.
• Hip Screening.
• Postural Management.
• Manual Handling Advice.
• Assistance with Wheelchair clinic.

Specialist Services:

Learning/curriculum support:

All specialist children’s occupational therapy input is available to your child, if needed; regardless of whether he/she has it specified in a Statement of Special Educational Need or EHC (Education. Health, Social Care Plan).

Examples of specialist occupational therapy intervention that your child may receive are:
• Assessments.
• Specific intervention packages with outcome measures.
• Blocks of intervention by occupational therapists and technicians.
• Contributing to MDT/Annual Review/TAC meetings in school.
• Therapy programmes specifically tailored to your child’s needs.
• Supporting target setting.
• Support to teachers and LSAs.
• Specialist training.
• Onward referrals.
• Liaising with paediatricians to contribute to your child’s diagnostic process.
• Report writing.
• Provision of specialist equipment.
• Environmental assessments on access within your child’s school.
• Collaborative working with education, health and social care.
• Strategies and advice for class teams (verbal and written).
• Assessment and support with Augmentative and alternative communication devices.

Physical and emotional well-being:


Occupational therapy outcomes mpact positively on your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Access and inclusion resources / School based training / Support for families / Therapeutic Approaches:

The specialist support available from the Children’s Occupational Therapy Service is identical to that set out in the ‘Learning/Curriculum Support Section’. All input is available to your child, if needed; regardless of whether he/she has it specified in a Statement of Special Educational Need or EHC (Education. Health, Social Care Plan). 

Local Offer Age Bands
Pre-Birth - 5 years
5-11 years
11-16 years
19-25 years
16-19 years


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