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Eltham Arts

Eltham Arts  - a  group of local people believe that the arts are a great way of bringing the community together and can bring about a little pride through what the area can achieve.

Eltham Arts’ main objectives are:

  • To promote involvement and participation in the arts in Eltham for people of all ages and backgrounds
  • To promote Eltham as a creative and artistic community
  • To encourage the development of art and artistic events in public areas of Eltham
  • To support existing arts groups and encourage development of new art groups and projects
  • To encourage the support from all stakeholders in the area for the arts
  • To organise events and competitions which encourage creativity and community identity
  • This site has been set up to help promote the creative arts taking place in the area. It aims to bring activites, groups and events to the attention of people interested in getting involved, enjoying some local talent or finding out more about the many artistic people who help make Eltham a colourful place to live.

Do get in touch if you are involved or interested in the arts in the London SE9 and want to develop the arts in the area. We need active members who can help with events and have good ideas!

Please go to our website for further information. 

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