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Health Visiting

Health visitors work with families and carers who are either pregnant or who already have babies and young children under five years old. They can help with questions about how to look after yourself, how to look after your children and family and how to help your child develop. The health visitor works with family GPs to provide support and will complete a Family Health Needs Assessment. They offer postnatal support groups, assessments, health visitors and various packages of care, and make referrals to other services and groups. They also provide information and advice about topics such as baby weight gain, breastfeeding, screenings, immunisations, healthy eating and child health development.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Service Manager:Helen Day-Barnes . Contact: Ellen Shelly

How to access the service

Health visiting is a universal service for all families with children under five, who live in, or are registered with a GP, in Greenwich.

Where to go

Highpoint House
Memorial Hospital
Shooters Hill
SE18 3RZ

Other Details


Referral Details


You can access this service if you live in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and have a child under 5.


You can contact the Health Visiting service yourself, or you could be referred by your midwife, GP or another agency.

Other notes

How to Complain:

If you need to complain or discuss the service your child is receiving from the Health Visiting service you can do this via the Head of the Service, or through the Oxleas Patients Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). 

Local Offer


Universal Services:

This means the Service is available for all mothers during pregnancy and families with children 0-5yrs who meet the eligibility criteria. Contact with the service can be at the family home, in child health clinics, GP surgeries, children’s centres or nurseries.

Outline of the core service:

Service offered:
• Antenatal contact 28-36 weeks of pregnancy.
• Support with breastfeeding.
• New birth / post natal contact at 10-14 days for you and your baby.
• Hearing screening for baby.
• Postnatal follow up to see how you and baby are doing at 4-6 weeks.
• Neonatal blood spot screening.
• Immunisations.

• Review of your child’s health and development at 3-4 months for parents and families   who sometimes need additional support (Universal Plus)

• Healthy eating and increased activity 4-6 months and ongoing through childhood.
• Child health clinics and drop-in sessions at Children Centres.
• Review of your child’s health and development at one year.
• Review of your child’s health and development at 2-2 ½ years.
• 3-5 years health information session.


Physical and emotional well-being:

The Health Visitor will talk to you about your family health, to complete a Family Health Needs Assessment and then agree with you how much contact you have with the service and if your family needs additional support. 

The assessment may include a discussion of:
• The physical, emotional and social health of your family.
• Emotional, physical and practical preparation for the birth.
• The parental relationship and expectations of infant/child care.
• The home environment and support systems.
• Any previous history of physical or mental illness in either parent.
• Drug or alcohol misuse by either parent.
• Your financial situation and applying for benefits – Healthy Start, Maternity Grant.
• Infant feeding and healthy eating.
• Infant and child care.
• Child development and home safety.
• Domestic violence.

Access and inclusion resources:

Service is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Home visits can be arranged outside these hours.Telephone advice is available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

A wide range of public health materials is also available, including:
• Personal Child Health Record (known as the red book).
• Books, leaflets, posters, DVDs.
• Signposting to websites, including and Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.
• Book start pack.

School based training:

Service can support children centres and nursery staff. Service can also provide and attend joint training.

Targeted Services:

This means all of the universal services and targeted support available through specific packages of care, delivered one to one or in a small group setting.

Universal Plus is available to expectant parents and families with children 0-5 years who need additional support at some times.

Outline of the Core Service:

Service offered:

• Prevention and management of poor weight gain in the breast fed baby.
• Postnatal support group for new mums.
• Support if you are at risk of, or are experiencing post natal depression.
• Contact with your family if you take your child to the emergency department. 

Formal handover to school nursing service on start of primary school.

Packages of care are typically short/medium term intervention.

This can be at home, in clinic settings and increasingly in children’s centres. Specific services may be involved in the delivery of care, eg. Breastfeeding Advocates.

Physical and emotional well-being:

All universal services and any additional support that your family may need.

Actions and interventions might include:
• Signposting to other services/agencies.
• Packages of care to manage:
    o Parenting.
    o Post natal depression.
    o Play with children.
    o Breast feeding.
    o Baby massage sessions.
    o Behaviour in children (potty training, tantrums, sleep).
    o Weaning. 

Referral for specific services, eg tongue tie, speech and language, Portage.

Referral to community paediatrics, voluntary groups and associations.

Access and inclusion resources:

Same as for universal services. 

Signposting to agencies providing equipment, financial support and toy libraries.

School based training:

Same as for universal services.

Specialist Services:

This means all of the universal and targeted (Universal Plus) services and the support you may receive which is planned and delivered in partnership with you and with other services, such as health visiting, children’s centres, family support workers, therapists, nursery, school and children’s social care.

Outline of the Core Service:

Service offered:

This could include work using the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and Team Around the Child meetings (TAC). Using the CAF and TAC to help with your child or family’s needs means your family will receive a coordinated package of care which includes all of the services which have a role in meeting your needs. 

Universal Partnership Plus also includes the times when it is necessary to set plans to keep children safe from harm.

Formal handover to school nursing service on start of primary school.

Typically medium/longer term intervention and can take place in the home, children’s centre, nursery or other setting that your family use.

Physical and emotional well-being:

As for universal and targeted (universal plus).

Includes joint working with other agencies and sharing of information.

Access and inclusion resources:

As for universal and targeted (universal plus).

School based training:

As for universal.

Local Offer Age Bands
Pre-Birth - 5 years


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