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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair user Scott Smith struggled to find a suitable and reasonably priced wheelchair accessible vehicle to cater for his needs soon after becoming disabled.  After a great deal of wasted time and money he eventually found the right vehicle that helped him overcome isolation.  Knowing that many other disabled people are suffering the very same issues he came up with the idea of creating a website dedicated to making life easier for the disabled and their carers to buy, sell and locate dedicated dealers that specialise in supplying wheelchair adapted vehicles of all kinds that could cater for wheelchair users as well is give greater independence getting in and out such ramped, hoisted and lift access.

On this website you can find like-minded disabled people selling their own wheelchair accessible vehicles, details of how to sell your own vehicle as well as valuable guides to consider before you spend out and potentially buy something that will not meet your personal needs, such as:

  • Will the wheelchair user be a passenger or driver?
  • What adaptions will you need to consider?
  • How many passengers plus wheelchair user do you need room for?
  • What size is your wheelchair? and do you need a large or small vehicle?
  • Is rear or side access going to be best?

Find out more by clicking the wheelchair accessible vehicles link highlighted left to take you directly to the website that includes a list of current vehicles for sale with contacts to find out more along with a vital mobility guide, reviews and much more for the disabled wanting to be more mobile and open up new possibilities.

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Scott Smith
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Site owner
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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All information, guides and help is available via the website including email and telephone contacts for anybody needing assistance/advice.

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