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Independent Travel Training

Independent Travel

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is committed to assisting its children and young people to develop independence skills to support them to lead independent lives as they grow older. Schools should identify and build on suitable independence outcomes for each child or young person, so that they can make progress at a level appropriate for them, even if they are not expected to become an independent traveller. Please see the outcomes tool that schools should be using to plan and deliver independence outcomes to the right of the screen as a download. 

Schools and colleges have access to a range of resources to support children and young people with developing their independence skills and ability to travel independently. Many programmes, such as the Tigers Travel Training programme, can be tailored to each learner,  at a level suitable for their needs, to begin to develop an awareness of road safety prior to progressing onto developing independent travel skills. 

The SEND Travel Assistance Service also plan to develop an Independent Travel Training programme to support identified individuals to develop the skills to travel to and from school independently, as part of our ‘travel assistance’ provision. More information will be available on the local offer website when this is launched.