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London Vision

London Vision is a charity that works with blind and partially sighted people living in London.

London Vision's aim is to end inequalities faced by blind and partially sighted people in London.

Our mission is to make London equal and inclusive, by connecting, supporting and empowering blind and partially sighted peple.

Our values
Partnership and collaboration: We work with all stakeholders in the spirit of collaboration towards the achievement of our shared aims and objectives.

Person centred: We place the needs of those we seek to represent at the centre of everything we do.

Inclusiveness: We support sharing of information, expertise, and life experience through networking.

Diversity: We embrace London’s highly diverse populations who enhance our work by helping to shape our approach and services.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Christine Edmead
Contact Position
London Vision website

London Vision hosts  a variety of support groups and sessions sessions over the telephone, computer and in face-to-face groups to help people who are adjusting to life with sight loss.

Managing Sight Loss

The content of these sessions explain where to get help and advice, how to contact your local sensory team and how to explore simple solutions to everyday living with sight loss. The sessions address the benefits of being registered as blind or partially sighted, introduce you to assistive technology and advise on how to get out and about with confidence. Most importantly, the sessions are an opportunity to hear from you and other participants, and well as any friends and family you would like to join. 

Let's Talk 

London Vision’s Let’s Talk programme groups offer holistic support to blind and partially sighted people through informal talking groups. These groups are based around a range of themes, and are designed to encourage resilience, and wellbeing.

Charles Bonnet Syndrome support group 

London Vision coordinates a Charles Bonnet Syndrome support group over telephone and Zoom. It provides a space for discussion and peer support for those with the condition. Charles Bonnet Syndrome is a syndrome that affects people with deteriorating sight, and it can cause visions and hallucinations. These visions can be benign, perhaps depicting simple patterns, or even flowers, but sometimes they can appear more sinister. People suffering with CBS have reported seeing people dressed in Victorian outfits, bedraggled children, or worse. Some of the images can be terrifying, others mildly annoying. CBS can affect people who have lost some, or all of their eyesight.


Where to go

Clockhouse Community Centre
Defiance Walk
Woolwich Dockyard
SE18 5QL