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Trading Standards Scam HMRC

Royal Greenwich Trading Standards have been made aware of a scam phone call from people claiming to be from the "HMRC" the scammers are using the following phone number; 0300 300 2233 which is a genuine number used by the Greenwich Carers Centre.

The callers are using a variety of techniques to try and get money from unsuspecting victims, including making claims that tax is owed or tax credit. They are calling more than once and this has taken place all over the Country.

Some victims have been told to pay the money owed immediately or they will be arrested.
- Never give any private information away over the phone or on email.
- If you're concerned you've been scammed, get in touch with your bank to inform them immediately.
- You can also call your phone provider to see if the call was genuine.
- You would never receive a call regarding tax or tax credit in this way.

If you have been a victim of a scam please report it to Action Fraud using the details below.