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Cold Calling Charity Scam

Royal Greenwich Trading Standards have been made aware of a scam which is currently operating in the Eltham area. In this case a woman in her late 30s or early 40s with a strong Irish accent is knocking on doors and saying she is raising money for 2 children Leukaemia charities by running 10 miles, and could she be sponsored.

The woman started by naming someone known to the resident, but had died some years ago, the woman claimed to be a friend of her family.

This woman had no official identification and no evidence she was doing an official run for charity. This is a scam, and you should never give money to someone you do not know at your door.

If someone claims to be from an official charity, don’t feel pressured, and always confirm they are representatives from the actual charity.

ALWAYS ask to see official Identification if you are thinking of giving money to a cold caller collecting for charity.

Ensure you know who you are dealing with, if you are unsure don’t answer the door.
If you come across anyone claiming to be cold calling for charity and they can’t provide I.D., please contact the police and Trading standards.


Protect others by reporting incidents like this to the police as soon as they happen on 101, and Trading Standards on 07714072979.