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Dentistry for children and adults with special care needs

Treatment or advice is offered to patients referred to us by their own dentist, GP, or other healthcare professional. We also offer screening in special need schools and care homes, oral health promotion and specialist treatment for gum conditions.

You need to be referred to this service by your own dentist, GP or healthcare professional. You can ask your dentist, GP or healthcare professional to refer you to the service, using our form. 

If you want to self refer for a visit to your home if you are bed bound, you can use the number below:

Andrew Bottomley

Service Lead

020 8315 8707

Dental Admin

01689 806859


Your first appointment

At your first appointment the dentist will talk to you and anyone you bring to your appointment with you about what kind of dental treatment you might need. The dentist will need to have certain information to help plan your treatment, so you will need to fill in  a form giving your medical history. The dentist will look in your mouth and take some x-ray pictures of your teeth.

You will also need to bring evidence of exemption from NHS dental charges if this applies to you, if not there will be a patient charge to pay.

Changing or cancelling an appointment

If you need to cancel an appointment please contact the clinic that originally booked your appointment with you. You will be able to find their number on your letter, or on the side of this page. We need at least 24 hours notice or more for cancellations.

If you don’t attend for an appointment or cancel at short notice, you will only get one more opportunity to use this service. Should you not turn up on a second occasion, we will discharge you from the Special Care Dental Service. This ensures that patients on our waiting list can be seen as soon as possible.