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Dementia Awareness Events Bilingual Chinese / English

In partnership with the Chinese National Healthy Living Centre, this event raised awareness about memory issues.

Both events were  open to all  - a variety of speakers talked about how to cope with memory problems and other assocatied conditions.

'The performance Kele Ball was excellent on 3rd July, she got most people engaged, she used humour and jokes to get people joining in. The traditional guitar (Erhu) player gave it a lovely feeling of spirit. Jasmine, the psychologist assistant, from the Memory Clinic gave a helpful and informative talk. The food was excellent. Overall it was very good, excellent.'  Dave - attendee of the 3rd July event.  

'The 24th of July saw a Dementia Awareness event aimed at the Chinese community living in Greenwich at the Town Hall in Woolwich.

Dr Frank Lie gave a talk on dementia and how to live well with the diagnosis. Demonstrations involving Thai Chi and dance highlighted the importance of staying physically active for the person with dementia and those caring for them as well as the often underestimated value of doing something enjoyable and fun.

A Massage demonstration also highlighted the importance of looking after oneself. The event concluded with Chinese food for lunch during which the conversation centered around when the next event might be, an indication of how successful the event had been!

Although the event was aimed at the Chinese community many of the lessons were applicable to all of us'. Marcelline  - a family carer.