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Royal Borough of Greenwich summer schemes for children and young people with severe and complex disabilities 2018

Please download the dates for the summer schemes and the application form on the right.

You may choose to use your direct payments to fund the scheme all schemes are eligible for direct payments, BACS payment and cheques. If you intend on using direct payments you will need to contact CWDT on or 020 8921 2599 to ensure this is appropriate use of your support. If Social Care agrees that you can use these payments towards the scheme, you will then receive a confirmation which will need to be produced at the payment sessions above in order to confirm your child’s place.”


Primary School Offer

£15 per day without transport and £20 per day with transport.

Secondary School Offer

£125 per week with without transport and an additional (£25) with transport as required. By opting out all young people will need to be brought to the venue between 9:45 -10:00 am for All Kids Can and 09:00 am for We Live Network.


Please send your form to your preference for Summer Scheme below.  Schemes will come together with RBG as part of the allocations process to determine final allocations. 

Application Forms for the We Live Network Summer Scheme should be sent to

Application Forms for the All Kids Can Summer Scheme should be sent to or

Registration Days for the secondary scheme will be held at Charlton Park Academy on the following dates:

-       24th April 2018, 9:30am – 11:30am

-       25th April 2018, 9:30am – 11:30am & 13:15pm – 17:00pm

-       26th April 2018, 9:30am – 11:30am & 16:00pm – 18:30pm

Application Forms for Willow Dene School should be sent to

Application Forms for Greenwich Toy and Leisure Library Summer Scheme should be sent to

If any other schemes have information days coming up we can include them under the other schemes.