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Stoptober is back - Kick The Habit!

Public Health England is encouraging smokers to quit cigarettes for 28 days throughout October, and Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) is supporting the campaign. Smoking cessation is an important part of the Health Improvement programme CACT delivers on behalf of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

There are many benefits of quitting smoking. For example, it significantly reduces your risk of developing serious illnesses and can improve your breathing. It can also improve the appearance of your teeth and skin, and it will save you money!

Kicking the habit is not always as easy as just not smoking. Nicotine, the drug found in tobacco products, is a highly addictive substance and it's the nicotine withdrawal that can make it difficult to quit.

But that's where CACT's Health Improvement advisors come in. Quitting is not something that you have to do on your own; CACT's Stop Smoking advisors are there to support you every step of the way, whichever way you choose. Last year, they helped 240 people quit smoking, a success rate nearly twice the national average.

Support is available throughout Greenwich.

Pop along to one of CACT's Stop Smoking drop in's - no appointment needed- or find our Kick The Habit outreach team at various venues throughout the Borough. Please see our website for further information:

Stoptober - Quit Smoking with the right support

Alternatively, call the Live Well Greenwich Line on 0800 470 4831 to discuss your quit journey.