What cookies are 

A cookie is a small piece of text that a website asks your browser (such as Internet Explorer) to save to your computer when you visit the website.  

When you visit another page on the same website, or in some cases when you next visit the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the website so it can remember your visit. This kind of memory is then used to do things like keep you logged in. 

Our cookies are not used to identify you. They’re there to make the site work better for you. You can manage and/or delete these files as you wish.  

Managing cookies 

You have options when it comes to which cookies your browser will use. 

You can set your browser to: 

  • allow all cookies 
  • allow only 'trusted' sites to send them 
  • accept only those cookies from websites you are currently using 

We recommend that you do not block all cookies because parts of the website rely on them to work properly. 

The way to manage your cookies depends on which browser you are using.  

Use the links to find out how to manage cookies in the following browsers:  

If your browser is not in the list above, learn how to manage cookies in other browsers on the About Cookies website

If you prefer not to receive cookies then you will not be able to create an account, log in to an account, manage listings, set text and colour preference or set the language. 

Types of cookies being used 

This website uses the following cookies:  

Strictly necessary cookies 

Some necessary cookies are required to use our core features and functionality. This website will not function properly without these enabled. You can opt out of these by changing your browser settings. 


Purpose: Saves your cookie preference 

Expires after: 100 days 


Purpose: Saves your cookie preference 

Expires after: 100 days 


Purpose: Saves your cookie preference 

Expires after: 100 days 


Purpose: KB5 manages the display of the old directory and contains a unique string to identify your session 

Expires after: Session 


Purpose: Allows user to log in 

Expires after: Session 


Purpose: Saves your cookie preference 

Expires after: 14 days  

Functional cookies 

We use functional cookies to enable you to use certain features. These may be set by third party websites and do things like measure how you view YouTube videos. 

We currently do not use any functional cookies on the directory. 

Analytics cookies 

We use Google Analytics cookies to measure how you use this website and help us improve it. 


Purpose: Used to identify unique users 

Expires after: 2 years