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Discussing Diagnosis

Does your child know about Autism? Are you considering tell them about their diagnosis?

There are many resources available to support discussion about Autism with children of all ages. This should be a positive experience for both the child and the parent/ carer. The National Autistic Society Website has abundance of information for parents/ carers. 

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They also have a booklet called: Talking together about an Autism Diagnosis, available from the NAS website.

Children tend to notice differences between themselves and their peers around the age of nine, although this could be earlier or later depending on the individual child’s awareness. They may notice differences in social understanding and interactions, as well as engagement in learning.

The following books are recommended by the ASD Outreach service:

For younger children working with a higher level of support the My Autism Book by Gloria Dura- Vila and Tamar Levi, explains Autism in simple terms.

For older children working with a lower level of support the ASD and Me Picture Book by Joel Shaul, helps children identify their strengths and begin the tackle the things they may find harder.

The Ice- Cream Sundae guild to Autism by Debbie Elley and Tori Houghton, is a practical book for all ages highlighting how Autism is unique and builds self-confidence.

There are many videos which can be watched together to illustrate difference:

Float from Pixar


Odd dog out


Amazing things happen by Alexander Amelines


The following are links to further information to support understand Autism and sharing a diagnosis, parents are advised to watch before deciding whether to share with their child:


Rosie King- My Autism and Me


 Advice on telling your teen they have Autism


Anne Hegerty on loose women talks about her Autism


 Chris Packham on loose women talks about his Autism


Stephen Shore- should I tell my child about their Autism

Receiving and understanding a diagnosis - Autism Education Trust – this website contains videos of children talking about their diagnosis.

Please contact ASD Outreach service for further advice and support. If you feel your child needs further support after learning about their Autism, Wendy can sometimes offer in school sessions to explore Autism further.

What children have said after discussing their diagnosis…

Dont worry about it because youre great just the way you are.


Its not really a bad thing; its just the way you think.   it makes you think outside the box.


Autism is not bad, its good. You can never get rid of it.  Its like a super hero power.  Superman could never get rid of his powers.


It makes you unique.  It makes me very unique.  Dont be worried a lot of people have it.