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CESI - Community Empowerment and Support Initiatives

CESI is a charitable organisation established in 2007 in response to the needs of the Nepalese Community within the Royal Borough of Greenwich, London.

The overall aim of this project is to facilitate the integration of the Nepalese community people into the Royal Borough of Greenwich broader community through targeted support to enhance employability skills, help increase access to local level services including health services provided by the statutory and voluntary organizations. The project also aims to reduce isolation of the elderly people.


  • Increase opportunities for employment of the Nepalese Youths through employability training and support.
  • Increase access of the community people to services provided by statutory and voluntary service providers.
  • Improve Health and Healthier living habits of the Nepalese Community.
  • Reduce isolation faced by the most vulnerable members of the Nepalese community.
  • Increase participation of the Nepalese Community in the social life of the Borough and therefore promote community cohesion.

Outcomes of the project

  • Increased employability opportunities of the Nepalese youths, both male and female.
  • Improved health and healthier living of the elderly Nepalese people, both male and female.
  • Increased access of the Nepalese people to local level services.
  • Reduced isolation of the Nepalese elderly people.


  • Employability skill development training and support
  • Thematic consultation meeting/ training on housing and welfare benefits
  • Specialised meeting/ training on health and healthier living issues
  • Social get together and observation visits to places of historical importance and broader British communities.

Who to contact


Where to go

Plumstead High Street
SE18 1SJ