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Advocacy in Greenwich

Advocacy In Greenwich wants everybody to have rights, choices and chances; be able to say what they want and be heard and to be part of the community. We will work together with people with learning disabilities and/or physical disabilities to change the way people think so that we can make this happen.

We offer:

  • 1 to 1 advocacy
  • Self Advocacy Groups
  • Accessible training about  your rights for people with a certain learning diability
  • Accessible training for staff that work in services
  • Volunteering and paid work opportunities for people with a learning disbaility
  • The chance to speak up for other people with a learning disability and help to make services better
  • We work with people with a learing diability to help services look at what they are doing well and what they can change.
  • Easy read information

Please go to our website for further information.  

For information about disabled access please go to Disabled Go.


We now have a new community directory. Visit the new listing for up to date information

Who to contact

Advocacy in Greenwich

Where to go

Equitable House
7, General Gordon Square
SE18 6FH